Sunday, October 9th – Friday, October 21st

We took two well-deserved days off…..doing absolutely nothing but watching telly.  After being on the go for five weeks, it was sublime.

I spent the next ten days catching up on the blog while Craig worked around the cottage.  For Craig, the pinnacle of this time was the day he was finally able to do something he’s wanted to do since he got here…..burn the cuttings and clippings that have accumulated over the past year or two.

Open fires scare me and, thus far, I’ve been able to disuade him from what would surely be calamitous…..but we woke one day to still, calm skies and, feeling guilty for keeping him house-bound these past days, I gave him my blessing.  He was in heaven… boys never outgrow their fascination with fire?

He had just started his incineration when I heard a helicopter overhead.  It circled the cottage repeatedly.  We both jumped to the same conclusion…..the gendarmes had seen the smoke of an illegal fire and he was about to be carted off to a French prison.

But it wasn’t the gendarmes….maybe it was the pompiers on their way to tamp down an errant wildfire.  As it circled again, it started making low swoops over the canal….spraying a fine mist.  No this wasn’t the gendarmes, it wasn’t the pompiers……it was the mosquito abatement team!  Guess Craig won’t need to use DEET for a couple of years.

Craig worked with his flaming mass of rubbish for hours….adding more and more fuel to the blaze until all that remained of the huge pile of branches, twigs and leaves was cinders and ashes.  He was at it all day…..not returning to the sanctity of the cottage until shortly after 5 p.m., looking, not like a victor who has conquered a foe…..but like a bedraggled, tired and parched soldier who’s seen one battle too many.  After drinking what seemed gallons of water, he took a long, cool shower.  Maybe, just maybe, the fire bug has been quenched.

On Saturday, we received a letter from the EDF (the electric company) advising that they couldn’t read the meter due to a wasps’ nest, and would we please remove the nest and let them know when they could safely return?  Craig, having yet another manly job at hand, was in high spirits as he carefully opened the box and sprayed an ample amout of insecticide at the offending hive.  Then he ran like the dickens…..cautiously returning an hour later to check on the progress of his engagement with the enemy.  All was clear.  Another victory of man against environment.

By Thursday, I had finally caught up on the blog…..but there was more work to be done.  Friends from California were coming on Saturday (they’ll stay with us a few days, then we’re all heading to Spain….where we’ll tour a little on our own before we meet up again in the Costa del Sol).  Another fun trip, but there was so much to do….clean the cottage, wash the laundry, shop for groceries, pay the bills, organize all the trip documents, take Felix to Chateau Miaou…..we were frantic!  And it didn’t help that Felix took off for a few hours…..ignoring our calls and the sound of Greenies, delaying our timeline by hours.  I swear he understands us…..and, knowing that Chateau Miaou would mean solitary confinement, was making a break for it.

Craig finally rounded him up…..he was at the neighbor’s house playing with a lizard (well, Felix was playing…..the lizard was playing dead).  Much to Felix’s chagrin, he was scooped up, put in his carry case and whisked off to the cattery.  We settled him in and returned to the cottage…..finally finishing our tasks at midnight.

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.” ~ John Wayne


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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2 Responses to Sunday, October 9th – Friday, October 21st

  1. Wilson says:

    hello, it`s Alicia&Kim from Pepieux. Are you back from Spain?. I finally found you. I cancelled my old mails and couldnt remind the title of your blog.
    Drop a line sometime.
    All the best.

    • Hi Alicia, We returned from Spain with nasty colds, but are on the mend now. How are you? Perhaps we can meet before we return to California next month. Best regards, Gayleen


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