Tuesday, August 16th – Friday, August 19th

The weekend trip exhausted us…..the crowds, the heat and the long drives took their
toll….so this week was spent relaxing at the cottage.  But it was far from boring!

Every day, we’d take a walk along the canal….the yellow irises have come and gone but beautiful purple flowers have taken their place.

Snails (not the edible type) are in abundance…their shells sparkling like jewelry on the bushes, wildflowers and grasses that line the path.

As we pass by his pen, Kipper….the neighbor’s dog….begs for a little attention….which Craig cheerfully provides (much to Felix’s chagrin).

An unwelcome visitor awaits us in the mailbox every day.  A wasp lies in wait and zooms out as soon as the box is opened.  It’s always one wasp….never two or three.  We wonder if the same wasp uses our mailbox to escape from his daily chores or if wasps are, indeed, as dumb as doorknobs and a different one gets lost every day.

Boat traffic was heavy this week…..everything from small crew boats to hotel  barges passed by.

We watched an ocean trawler being lowered into the canal by a crane…..

saw a Smart car being loaded onto a live-aboard barge…..

and were surprised to see a boat with an American flag docked in front of the cottage.

The barge, L’escape, is owned by an American couple who divide their time between France, Maine and Florida.  They’ve spent the past few months moving the boat from the  Loire (Chateau country) toward it’s new mooring in the Aquitaine (home to Bordeaux wines).  They were as happy as we were to hear a familiar accent…..with the exchange rate so weak, I guess there aren’t too many Americans on the canals this year.

The days have been hot, but with the evening comes a cooling breeze….so we enjoy our  aperitifs outside on the patio.  The perfect drink for these hot days is the one we discovered last week in Le Somail…..an icy cold blend of rosé, Crème de Pamplemousse and Crème de Mure…..a concoction so potent, we need to take care not to drink more than one….or perhaps two….of them.

As the sun sets, we adjourn to the cottage to make a light supper and watch a bit
of telly before we head off to bed.

The Italians have a phrase for these simple, blissful days….. “il dolce far niente”…..the sweetness of doing nothing.

“Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
~Hans Christian Anderson


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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4 Responses to Tuesday, August 16th – Friday, August 19th

  1. Sandy D says:

    Gayleen. How much longer will you be there? Are you not going to live and travel on your boat? Sure sounds like your leg has completely healed what with all the walking you describe!

    • Hi Sandy, We’re returning to California in December….it’s time for Craig to get back to work. We’re planning to return once a year for a little travel and a little boat time. My leg isn’t 100%….some terrain and stairs are beyond my capabilities….but I’m determined not to let my leg hold me back any more than necessary so I push on.

  2. Tim Bernhardson says:

    So…thinking about coming back to Sun-Maid and taking the EDI Coordinator job back?

    • Hey Tim….if by EDI you mean Every Day Idyll, or perhaps Eau Du Imagaination or maybe even Each Daiquiri Imbibe….then, yes, I’ll sign up :-). Hope all’s going well for you, Sean, Glen and everyone else in the EDI world.

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