Sunday, June 5th – Sunday, June 12th

After the last few busy weeks, this was a low-key week.  Here are the highlights…..

On Monday, we saw an honest-to-goodness traffic jam on the canal! 

Tuesday brought some good news……the French Consulate’s website has deleted the requirement to have all visa documentation translated to French by a government approved translator…..this will simplify and speed the paperwork I need to compile before next week’s meeting.

After four days of showers, Thursday was warm and sunny so we took a long overdue visit to the Amphoralis Museum in Salleles d’Aude…..also the site of an archeological excavation that was discovered when a local farmer complained that the clay shards in his vineyard were harming the vines.  Archeologists arrived and found the site of a Gallo-Roman village that flourished from 1oo-300 AD.  Beneath the clay soil, they found fourteen kilns, millons of pottery fragments, graves, building foundations and the remains of an aqueduct. This had been the site of a village of potters who made the bricks, tiles, crockery and wine jugs needed by the growing Roman population.      

Friday gave us a scare.  Felix had just gone outside when we heard a dog barking and a woman screaming.  With our hearts in our throats, we ran outside frantically searching for our “little boy”.  The dog was now back on his leash and the French couple who had let him loose apologized profusely assuring us that Felix was fine and had run off to the back yard.  Craig found him hiding under Caryl’s caravan (trailer).  Our calm assurances couldn’t make him budge so we had to bring out the big guns…..Greenies!  One shake of the magic bag and he came scurrying.  What’s in these things…..kitty cocaine? 

From absolute terror to pure joy within a few hours……we “Skype’d” with our little grandson on Friday night.  Now 11 months old, River is more aware of his surroundings.  He was riveted by these people on a “tv” screen calling his name and tickling him.  He laughed and laughed…..that wonderful, innocent laugh of children.

The cars driving past the cottage on this private lane are an increasing source of irritation… least most of them are.  On Saturday, we heard the familar sound of tires on gravel and looked outside to see an old London cab parked in front of the cottage with a beautiful flower arrangement on its hood and a “Just Married” sign on its truck.  Inside were a white-gowned bride and a tuxedo’d groom.  Perhaps his proposal was accepted here in this beautiful setting?

Sunday was packing day…..time to get ready for our unexpected trip back to California.  Felix, knowing that the sight of suitcases never bodes well, hid in the closet.

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.”…….Hippolyte Taine 


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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