Saturday, May 28th

The great thing about the cottage and Languedoc is that everything’s low-key and laid-back…..the only time you need to rush is to get to the post office or the grocery store before it closes for lunch…..or to get to a restaurant before lunch is over.

Today was just such a day.  We slept in, had a light breakfast then headed off for the day.  First to L’Olibou…..the local olive co-operative….to sample olives and olive oils.  Then we drove to Narbonne for a look at Les Halles….the covered marketplace.  Bev had hoped….and wasn’t disppointed….to see the owner of Chez Bebelle call out for meat and have one of the nearby butchers wrap it and toss it to him with the finesse of a quarterback.

When it was almost noon, it was time to decide where to go for lunch.  Chez Bebelle held a certain rustic charm, but we opted for the short drive to Gruissan to dine at Le Lagon at the marina.    

We each started with salads, then moved on….Craig had fresh perch, Bev had pasta with salmon and I had pasta with shellfish….lots of shellfish!  Small clams, mussels, a mollusc with a long, finger-like shell and others….too many to remember!  Fresh air, blue skies, great seafood, chilled rosé and good conversation…..all in all, a most delightful lunch.  

After lunch, we drove to Gruissan’s beach…..parking was easy at this time of year and the beach was sparsely populated.  We walked on the soft sand to gentle waves and put our feet in the Mediterranean’s waters…..cold at first, but soon comfortable.  We walked along the water’s edge for what seemed a mile….maybe it was…..then turned around and headed back.  The tide was coming in…..the water and soda seller had to move his wheeled cart higher up on the beach.  What a life…..wake up, fill your cart with drinks, head to the beach.   

The sun, wind and water had zapped our energy.  It was time to go home.  We trudged back to the car and drove back to the cottage…..taking the long, scenic road home. 


We sat on the patio…..sipping kirs and making friends with the new neighbors…..a young couple of the duck persuasion.  

“The summer wind came blowin’ in
From across the sea
It lingered there to touch your hair
And walk with me…
All summer long
we sang a song
And then we strolled that golden sand”…….Frank Sinatra


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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