Sunday, May 22nd

We woke to the sound of church bells…, two, three…, eight, nine.  Ay-yay-yay!  What time is it?  Eleven, twelve, thirteen…..the bells kept ringing.  At this point, we knew that the Doomsday Minister was right…..the Rapture had happened and the  heathens were now in charge!    

But no, we were wrong…..the bells were the village’s very pleasant wake-up call. 

After a delicious breakfast buffet, we strolled the lanes of this enchanting but still sleepy little village.  All too soon, it was time to return to the car for the short drive to Turenne….the last of the Beaux Villages on our route.

We walked through its narrow streets to a church on the edge of the hill….across the fields, cows were grazing happily. 

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These were, indeed, beautiful villages but it was time for us to start our long drive to Paris.  We exited town and followed the signs to the A20….only to be circumvented in the small town of Malpeyre.  The D73 to the A20 ran through this one-street town but the road was closed for a reason we couldn’t ascertain…..a double-parked car?  A fender bender?  We didn’t know…..all we knew was traffic came to a complete stop and then started backing up.   We turned around on the narrow highway and retraced our path in search of a different route to the highway…..after a 45 minute detour, we were finally on the A20 and on our way to Paris.  

An uneventful 4 1/2 hours passed and we were given options for entering Paris.  We wanted to stay in Roissy-en-France….near the airport….so we followed the signs that we thought would take us around Paris.  We were wrong……one simple mistake and we ended up driving through Paris…..with the Eiffel Tower to our left and Sacre Coeur to our right.  After another harrowing 3o minutes, we parked the car and checked into the Kyriad Hotel……the same hotel we stayed in with Felix 11 months ago.

We had been looking forward to dinner at the creperie we dined in last June but, sadly, it was closed on Sundays.  We walked through the town…..looking for, but not finding, an acceptable alternative. 

During our search, we passed the Mairie.  Out front was a LED billboard with local information…..our favorite was “Distribution de cheques-vacances.”   Pick up your holiday vouchers?  OK….let me get this straight….. not only do the French get a minimum of 5 weeks vacation, a dozen public holidays and a 35-hour work week (which effectively gives them another 22 days off a year), they also get checks to go on vacation???  God, I love this country.

“This is my country….Land of my choice
This is my country….Hear my proud voice”



About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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