Wednesday, May 4th

Mr Mouse hasn’t left….but his rummaging was short-lived last night so we were able to get some sleep.  Perhaps he’s realized he’s overstayed his welcome and returned home…..hope springs eternal.

Craig woke with a new thought on the plumbing issue…..could the solution be as simple as replacing a worn-out gasket?  Knowing he’d have trouble explaining what he was looking for, he took pictures of the water meter housing, picked up our French-English dictionary and headed out to the Brico. 

He was back in no time.  He had showed the pictures to a helpful clerk who led him down the plumbing aisle to a small packet containing various sizes of  “joints.”  Voila!  Exactly what Craig was looking for.  Two euros and 15 minutes later, the leak was stopped and the root-free water line was back in service. 

The day was still young and the sun was shining, so we spent the afternoon sprucing up the patio and the yard…..sweeping, weeding, pruning.  A group of young girls approached us with their water bottles.  When they realized we didn’t understand a word they were saying, the eldest among them…..a chubby-cheeked young lady of about ten….asked “English?  Could you please fill our water bottles?” 

Craig, who has no problem saying “No” to thirsty German tourists, swiftly acquiesced to the charms of these adorable mademoiselles, opened the door to the cottage and led them into the kitchen just as a gentleman approached the cottage.  Four of these girls were his daughters and two were his nieces.  They were on a three-day bike ride from Agde.  The rest of the family was waiting across the bridge (ahhh…..that explains why each girl was carrying 2 or 3 water bottles).  We chatted while we waited for the girls to return.  He, his wife, his sister-in-law and her husband are from Lyon and enjoy taking their children on cycling trips.  

I told him of our recent trip to Holland and of the bike paths all along its countryside.  He soberly said that they had biked in Holland last year and they would never do it again.  “The people, they are mad…..too busy, too fast.  It was dangerous for the children.”   

Vindication!  My thoughts about the Dutch bicyclists are shared!

With water bottles full, we were bid many giggly “Merci’s” and “Au Revoir’s.”  The girls returned to their bikes and the families continued on their journey. 

We continued with our project……the patio furniture was brought out from its winter hibernation and, after a good scrubbing, it was ready for aperitif time….and so were we.

Cheers!  Or as they say in France, “A Votre Sante”… your health.   


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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One Response to Wednesday, May 4th

  1. Bev says:

    Wow, thanks for cleaning up the patio furniture for me! You didn’t need to weed, I wouldn’t have said anything. 🙂

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