Friday, April 29th – “The Wedding”

I, like so many others, am captivated by William and Kate… today was spent in rapt attention in front of the television, watching their wedding unfold in real-time, commercial-free bliss.

My memories of the day?

Hats!  Some were attractive, some were ridiculous…..but I bet, seated behind each and every one of ’em, was an irritated person.

Vans?  It might have been practical, but it seemed tacky to shuttle the “lesser” relatives around in vans.

Was it just me or did Beatrice and Eugenie look more like Cinderella’s stepsisters than royal princesses?

Poor William……Harry got all the hair genes.

Sadly watching Diana’s family arrive on their own… palace limos or vans for them……to sit on the bride’s side of the church, near Kate’s family.  Come on, Buckingham Palace, like it or not, they’re William and Harry’s family, too.  The boys did their Mom proud when they stopped to chat with the Spencer’s before moving into backroom seclusion.

Charles and Camilla……I really want to like them….but it’s so hard to look at this stodgy, middle-aged couple without thinking of tampons.

The Queen and Prince Phillip…..after 63 years, he’s still her Prince Charming and she’s still his blushing bride.  They did something right.

Prince Harry, looking mischievious as he peeked at the bride and reported back to his brother…..beyond all the pomp and circumstance, this is what family is all about.

Kate was absolutely beautiful….and her dress was sublime in its understated elegance but, as she walked down the aisle, I had a hard time getting past the ceremony’s chauvinism….. from the diaphanous veil that shrouded her to having her father take her hand and give it to William….innocent gestures that have never bothered me before but, for some reason, I chafed against them today.  Perhaps Kate felt this, too, when she decided to omit the promise to “Obey.”

William, I’m sure, was breaking all royal protocol when he whispered to Kate and her father before the ceremony began…..but he looked happy and comfortable…..what Diana would have wished for him.

Invitations went out to royalty, politicians and celebrities but, to their credit, Wills and Kate didn’t forget the butcher, the shopkeeper and the cocktail drink maker.

May they live happily ever after……


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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2 Responses to Friday, April 29th – “The Wedding”

  1. Susi Folks says:

    I will say that the royals sure know how to do weddings! I too spent way too many hours glued to the television waiting to see the next bit of tradition unfold. Not to mention all of the made for TV movies about Charles and Di and even one about Kate and William. Then last night I watched a PBS show about Mrs. Simpson and her “king” – We do have a fascination with them don’t we?
    I loved Kate’s sister’s dress. I thought she was stunning! Harry is so darn cute I can’t stand it. He just has mischief written all over him. Your comment about Fergie’s daughters was perfect. You do have a way with words!
    I guess the fairy tale is all behind us now and the new headline is all about bin Laden.

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