Wednesday, February 9th

After breakfast, we bid a fond farewell to Porto and started our journey to Evora.  We decided to take the longer route so we could see a little bit of eastern Portugal.  

The countryside, again, reminded us very much of California……today, it was the hills of Gold Country and the mountains near Lake Tahoe……the main difference being that we were usually the only car on the road.  That made the long drive a little easier and five hours later, we entered Evora……another walled town built on a hill.

Craig was pretty tired and didn’t feel like negotiating the narrow one-way streets within the city walls so we checked-in to an ambience-free Hotel Ibis just outside the wall…..but it had protected parking, was close to the town and only 39 euros!

We brought our suitcase in, freshened up and walked into Evora for dinner.  We sat in the main praça (plaza) of the town, checking our guidebook for information on the local restaurants.  We decided on Restaurante O Fialho and started our walk up the steep streets in search of it.  Craig misread the map and took us in the wrong direction… us an unexpected first tour of Evora.  We finally found the restaurant but it wasn’t yet open so we returned to the praça to stave our hunger with a light snack and a glass of wine.  

As we sat enjoying the last rays of sunlight, the town was just coming to life…..workers returning home, families buying bread for dinner, couples strolling hand in hand……the praça quickly became a beehive of activity.   

As the hour approached 7:00, we started the walk back to the restaurant…..a much shorter walk this time.  The restaurant was just opening for the evening when we arrived so we had our choice of tables…..which were soon filled with quiet diners.  O Fialho was a comfortable, if somewhat pretentious, restaurant…..a place where you wouldn’t want to use the wrong fork should the eyebrows of the tuxedo’d waiter be raised.   But the food was very good. 

After finishing the appetizers that were brought to the table, we started with a salad and a bowl of Acorda (another Portuguese Bread Soup)…..a great beginning to the meal. 

For the main course, Craig ordered the Steak with Frites….can’t go wrong with that.  I decided to give Pork and Clams another try and I’m glad I did.  This chef knew how to prepare the dish…..which spices would perfectly complement these two disparate tastes and help meld them into a taste sensation… was absolutely delicious.  Both dishes went well with the local red wine recommended by our waiter.

We were satisfied and sated, but the waiter suggested a local specialty for dessert…. Pumpkin Coconut Cake.  What could we do?  We had to order one……and we weren’t disappointed….the cool, crisp cake was the perfect finale to the meal…..the very expensive, budget-killing meal. 

We walked back to hotel along the narrow, dimly lit streets ……stopping to chat with a woman who was trying to get her small dog to look into a store window where a cat was at play.      

Outside the town wall, a bright sign helped lead these tired travellers back to the hotel……


Again, with thanks to the Beatles…….                                                                                     Now it’s time to say good night
Good night, Sleep tight


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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