Wednesday, Janurary 5th

I don’t know what made me ask Craig to look at the calendar this morning but good thing I did…..I have an appointment with Dr Afriat today!

We were at odds over the time written on the appointment card…..Craig thought it read “16:00″…..I thought it was “16:45.” 

I was right…..but it was a good thing we based our arrival on Craig’s interpretation because the first thing we had to do (you’d think we’d know the routine by now) was to get a new     x-ray. 

So…..back downstairs to pose for a new radiographie…..four pics showing my hardware from every angle.  After paying our bill (41€….about $50), we headed upstairs to wait our turn with Dr Afriat who, true to form, always came out of his office to escort his next patient in….stopping each time to say “hello” and chat with any recent arrivals. 

There were a few patients ahead of us but, before too long, Dr Afriat came out of his office and smiled as he said, “Mrs Gayleen.”  We entered his office…..this time, I was finally “crutch-free.”   

After a bit of small talk (Dr Afriat’s wife and daughter are in New York; he’s only visited Orlando and New Orleans and was shocked at the racial divide that still exists), we settled down to business.  He looked at my x-ray’s and seemed pleased, but was concerned that I’m walking with a limp.  For the first time, he told us how bad the break actually was.  He said if the tibia had broken anywhere else, I’d be completely healed by now but, since the break was at the joint, healing and recuperation will take longer.  He suggested that more water therapy would be beneficial but, remembering how our summer had been dictated by therapy appointments and feeling that the exercises recommended by my physical therapists in California would be just as helpful, I respectfully declined.   

Dr Afriat accepted my choice but made me promise to walk, walk, walk….and to learn French….before my next appointment in June.

I suspect my gait will be back to normal long before je peux parler francais.

Souhaitez moi bonne chance…..wish me luck !


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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2 Responses to Wednesday, Janurary 5th

  1. sharmyn says:

    That’s a tall order — french has so very many words to learn!!

  2. Sandy Dittmer says:

    Ahhhh, I know exactly what you are talking about with your break. That is why mine is giving me trouble – it was the ball broken in two places and although the bone has healed I still have some pain and cannot move it totally freely. Today I see my doc again and that is when I will find out if the bone is dying or not. Please send some good vibes my way as I DO NOT want to have to have a complete shoulder replacement. Not only would the pain be repeated that I had but it would take a year for recovery…and of course the cost as I’m not in France!

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