Tuesday, December 7th

We spent the day putting up our Lilliputian Christmas tree.  There aren’t any Christmas tree lots here…..some florists have trees available but we found ours at the local BricoMarche.  The Christmas trees we’ve seen in France are small….4 feet or less.  The one we got is 3 feet…..at the most. 

To decorate it, we bought a small string of white lights and then made ornaments from pinecones and seed pods we gathered along the canal.  The pinecone tips were painted white and strung with white ribbon; the seed pods were painted gold and strung with gold ribbon.  The tree topper was made from the paper Santa covering a Christmas spice cookie from Germany. 

From the memory of a long ago trip, Craig recreated a Christmas tree stand like the ones we saw in Paris…..he drilled a hole in one of our firewood logs and…..voila, a Christmas tree stand!

Having all the pieces ready was just the beginning.  After the tree was in its stand, the lights needed to be strung…..a task easier said than done.  This wasn’t a string of lights that could be easily wound around a tree…..it was a loop of lights fighting for their autonomy as we tried to tame them into submission.

An hour later, we capitulated….the lights won.  They’re artfully placed around the bottom half of the tree.

Felix is as captivated with this little piece of the outdoors as he always was with our larger Christmas trees of years gone by…..unfortunately, this one doesn’t provide him with one of life’s pleasures….hiding under its fir boughs.

Mon beau sapin, Roi des forêts, Que j’aime ta verdure…..My beautiful tree, King of the forests, How I love your greenness (French version of “O Christmas Tree”)


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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One Response to Tuesday, December 7th

  1. Susan says:

    C’est tres charmante Gayleen. Joyeux noel (sorry, I can’t put in the proper accents).

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