Monday, November 15th

We heard that “Le Centre européen des Etoffes et du Patchwork” (the European Center of Fabrics and Patchwork) will be closing on January 1st, so we decided to visit while we still can.  It’s in Salleles d’Aude in a converted winery along the canal. 

The bottom floor showcases quilts from different areas of the world….Egypt, Africa, China, Canada, Hawaii…..each area having its own unique style….the colors and themes so indicative of their country of origin.   

Upstairs, Amish quilts were on display…..most were over 50 years old and were originally made for family members.  Being able to see these lovingly crafted masterpieces up close gave me a new perspective on this art.  The beauty of some quilts lies in their colors and patterns; for others, the beauty lies in the intricacy of the stitching…..following the patterns of their exquisite handstitching can be a zen experience….like taking a walk in a labyrinth.    

We left with a newfound appreciation of this functional art form.

From the sublime to the repugnant…..

We came home to an inundation of flies.  We don’t know where they’re coming from but they’re pretty lethargic…..they’ll fall from the ceiling or window without much provocation…..we now totally understand the phrase “dropping like flies” ‘cause that’s exactly what they’re doing.  Craig made rounds around the house every hour and killed dozens of them each time.  Yuck! 

From what we’ve read, these are cluster flies that hibernate in groups during the winter, but a warm day will wake them from their slumber (it’s been lovely here….that explains why we’re seeing them now and why they’re so slow-moving…..they’re just waking up).  Cool weather will lure them back to their winter rest… we’re hoping for a cold spell…..a very cold spell.



About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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3 Responses to Monday, November 15th

  1. Sharmyn says:

    Love quilts. Hate flies. Welcome cold!

  2. Donna Hunt says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the quilts.
    They were so wonderful.
    Hey Craig, keep hitting those flies, after all you have had a history of fly killing!!!


  3. Mani says:

    These look beautiful.
    The place you are living in is absolutely, gorgeous.

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