Thursday, October 28th

Craig checked on the boat today….the bilge is still dry but the engine won’t start.  Looks like he’ll be busy for a while….especially since the VNF just dropped off what looks like gates to dam the canal in front of the cottage…..if they’re getting ready to drain the canal and work on the banks, we’ll need to move the boat.

Ralph and Pixie, the couple who sold us their “Joie de France” (both literally and figuratively), stopped in for a visit, sharing news of the canal gleaned from their springtime cruise.  We joined them in Capestang for a fabulous dinner at La Galinière… of our favorite restaurants.

It’s family-run and we were greeted warmly by Sebastian, one of the owners.  There were three prix-fixe menus, each offering multiple choices for each course. 

Sebastian recommended a red wine from the Faugeres region in nearby Beziers, saying it was like an “animal.”  His enthusiasm for this new wine was the deciding point so, after ordering our meals, we ordered first one bottle, then another, of this tasty wine that was reminiscent of a mellow Bordeaux without the barnyard smell.

We opted for the 22 euro four course menu.  Craig’s starter was pumpkin soup with lardon (bacon).   It must have been really good ‘cause it was almost gone before I could get a little taste.  My starter was a buckwheat crepe filled with potatoes, lardon and  Camembert, gently heated in a warm oven until the cheese softly married the ingredients together.

The entrée’s were wonderful.  Craig had Braised Jambon (ham) with a wine reduction sauce accompanied with a white bean fondue.  I had Burger du Veau (veal burger) served over a toasted baguette with a foie gras sauce amply poured over it.  Delicious and hearty cuisine for a cold Autumn night.

Fromage was next…..three types of French cheese…..from a creamy, mild white cheese to a robust bleu cheese served with fig jam…..perfection.

Then came dessert…..a choice of six house-made delicacies.  Craig chose a meringue filled with apricot ice cream.  My choice was caramel mousse surrounded by triangles of Florentine cookies.

Good food, great conversation, pleasant surroundings… doesn’t get much better than this.

C’est si bon… is so good.


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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