Thursday, September 23rd

No rats….no mice….but still no sleep.  Perhaps it was the anticipation of the flight home?

In the morning, as we groggily finished packing , Felix sensed something was amiss and hid in the closet….to no avail.  Craig found him and put him in his small carrying case.   I wish I had a picture…..I swear Felix grew an inch for every inch Craig pushed into the carrier……it looked like a scene from a Monty Pyton or Marx Brothers movie.       

After finally getting Felix fully ensconced in his travel case and with the car packed to the hilt (Felix’s cat tower taking up the bulk of the back seat), we started on the 90 minute ride to Chateau Miaou.  The traffic was light and we enjoyed seeing the autumnal fields….no longer in their glory, now faded or harvested but still beautiful in their fall colors.

We easily found the cattery and met Sharon, the owner and avowed cat lover.  She showed us Felix’s new digs….a multi-level enclosure about 6’ wide by 10’ long with a plank leading up to a second level and a landing above that with a window to view the outdoors.  All the necessary cat accoutrements were there….a cat box on the main level and, on the second level, a soft blanket with a cozy covered “igloo” for sleeping.  There were chambres for at least ten more guests in the building, but not all of them were occupied.  Felix’s nearest neighbor was three doors away.  Our little Felix has led a very sheltered life….devoid of feline friends….so it’ll be interesting to see how he relates to the other borders.    

Felix is usually wary of anything new so we were surprised at how swiftly he left his carrier.  He didn’t venture too far….he headed straight to the safest spot in the room….the igloo.  But he was soon peeking out…..reviewing his new surroundings.  Sharon said she’d give him some extra attention while he adjusts to his new environment so we left…..confident that he’s in very good hands.

Another 50 minutes on the péage and we were in Toulouse….searching for the drop-off location for the little Modus.  Following the directions on Renault’s website was an exercise in futility.  We finally gave up and called for directions.  Rather than confuse us more, a very nice gentleman drove over to our location and led us back. 

Onward to the hotel and a late lunch…..the best pork rillettes ever, Toulouse sausage with frites, fromage blanc for dessert and a delicious rosé from Luberon…..then up to the room to sleep…..we’ve got a 4:30 am wakeup call.

Early to bed, early to rise…..tôt au lit, se lever tôt


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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