Monday, September 20th

Alissa at the Eiffel Tower

Today’s the anniversary of one of the best days of my life….the day my daughter was born.  Alissa has blessed my life in so many ways and I’m so very proud of the woman she’s become.  Joyeux anniversaire, ma petite chéri.

Celebrations are two-fold today…..we had another peaceful night.  Hopefully, Ratty has found a new home…… far, far away.    

The morning sun shone bright so we decided to have an al fresco lunch at a nearby restaurant that’s been highly recommended by friends…..Auberge de la Croisade. 

It’s classified as a “Restaurant Gastronomique” and, as such, must meet certain standards …..quality food and wine cellar, attentive hospitality and pleasant surroundings.   The Auberge didn’t disappoint on any of these points.

It’s located next to the canal  in a converted canal workers’ dwelling.  Dining can be indoors, in either a stone-walled dining room or a glass-enclosed conservatory, or outdoors overlooking the canal on a shady terrace. 

It’s run by two men….both named Bruno….who had apprenticeships in Paris and London… Tour d’Argent , Hôtel Crillon, the Dorchester and Claridges…..not too shabby.   

Craig started with a green salad topped with finely diced vegetables and duck hearts, dressed with a balsamic vinagarette that perfectly complemented the dish.  My starter was unlike anything I’ve ever had before…..eggs, scrambled and cooked to a creamy yet firm consistency, topped by a mushroom mousse, with a whisper of eggplant ratatouille on the side….. all flavors were necessary to achieve the perfect balance of tastes in this dish.  I’d come back just for this alone. 

Entree’s were as different as could be….but each delicious in its own right.  Craig opted for a mild Mediterranean Cod served over a bed of soft polenta with a creamy citrus sauce.  My dish was tender beef  topped with a robust red wine sauce….also served on a bed of soft polenta.   

Then the quandary we always face…..what wine complements these very different dishes?  Our server chose a dry rosé from a local winery…..the perfect accompaniment for both dishes and only 13 euros for the bottle.     

We were saved from the agonizing decision of which dessert to order….. their  prix fixe menu included an assortment of four “tastes”….fresh pear sorbet, mango-coconut millefeuille,  panna cotta with rouge fruits and apple tart…..the taste of  the various fruits each exploding with flavor.

We would have liked to linger over this fabulous repast, but had to move on to my last therapy rendezvous with Jaky.  He was touched by….and very appreciative of….my parting gift and asked me to keep him posted on my progress…..a request that I’ll happily comply with… seems like I’ve known him forever….could we have been friends in a previous life?  

After a strenuous therapy session and much too tired for aperitifs, I took a well-deserved nap before joining Craig for a light dinner…….cheese, baguette and farm-fresh apples.

Bonne nuit ……


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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