Thursday, September 16th

Craig spent the morning putting the new fenders on the boat….turns out he only needed five of them….hmmm….what else could we have picked up at IKEA if we’d known that?

With housework and boatwork done, we went off to Narbonne and my water therapy session with Jaky.  I was already in the pool when Jaky quietly entered the area.  It took a few minutes before I realized he was there.  When I turned around to say “bon jour” he whispered “shhh” and pointed to Craig….sound asleep on one of the lounge chairs!  Guess Ratty’s keeping him up at night.

After hearing how much we did yesterday, Jaky urged caution…. it would be better to let the healing progress slowly than to push my stamina to the limit.  Tell that to IKEA.

We took the long way home….through Bize-Minervois and a stop L’Oulibo, the olive co-op nearby.  This year’s crop is coming in and the growers were bringing in their bounty.   These olives are destined for the table….olive oil won’t be pressed until November.  We vow to return in a few months to watch the large granite stones press the golden liquid from these little orbs.

The clouds were darkening and rain was in the forecast, so we headed home to make dinner.  I decided to cook tonight….. I saw a recipe for meatballs in tomato sauce on a British talk show and wanted to try it.  Craig was delighted with his unexpected time-off.  It’s a small kitchen so I was easily able to maneuver around…..and the counters were always within quick reach if I needed support.  With dinner in the oven and my now swollen foot up on the couch, Craig made martini’s the Noilly-Prat way….1/3 vermouth, 2/3 vodka.  A much different taste than the martini’s back home but we enjoyed them.

Felix didn’t quite comprehend the concept of indoor aperitif time and tried….very vocally…. to explain the error of our ways but he finally settled down and watched the rain from his perch by the window. 

A votre santé….to your health


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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