Monday, September 13th

“scratch, scratch, scratch…..scratch, scratch, scratch…..scratch, scratch, scratch.”  Amazing how such a small noise can wake you up from a deep slumber.

I looked at the alarm clock…4:00 am.  Felix was at the foot of the bed….sleeping soundly.  Craig was lying next to me….sleeping soundly……..but not for long.

Shake, shake, shake….shake, shake, shake…. “Craig, wake up……I hear something.”

Craig slowly roused and began to look for the phantom sound.  Felix roused even more slowly and watched this unusual nocturnal activity through half-closed eyes.

“scratch, scratch, scratch…..scratch, scratch, scratch”…’s definitely coming from overhead.  Is it outside….is it upstairs?  Craig grabbed a flashlight and followed the noise.

Felix, now fully awake, curled up beside me…..guess this is a one-man job and Craig’s got it under control. 

Footsteps….lights…..thumping.  Felix and I wondered what was going on and, more importantly, who was winning.

Craig returned to bed….defeated.  The mousetrap had been emptied of its cheese but the culprit was nowhere in sight.  Sleep was fitful until the morning light came to chase our demon away.

After a grueling water therapy session, we headed to the Brico in search of “weapons of rat destruction.”  During our drive, we discussed our little Felix. 

Surely, with his hyper-hearing, he was aware of last night’s scratching?  And why, when Craig tried to take him upstairs this morning….thinking that perhaps cat odor would be our first line of defense….did he run downstairs and cower in the kitchen?   The more we talked about it, the more we started thinking that Felix’s encounter a few months ago wasn’t a nasty brush with the upstairs door, but was with our unwelcome visitor.  The confrontation must have scared Felix more than Ratty ‘cause Ratty’s back……and Felix is hiding in kitchen.  Well, as my daughter once said, “a scaredy-cat is an alive cat.”

With a giant rat trap and a jar of peanut butter for bait, we returned home to carry out our simple strategy (set the trap and hope Ratty decides to move on when he sees we mean business).

Good night (I hope)…..Bonne nuit (je l’espère)

About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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