Friday, September 10th

Freedom!  Angelique called this morning to cancel my afternoon session due to an appointment with her daughter’s teacher….uh, oh….that doesn’t sound good.  We’ll have to wait ‘til Mardi (Tuesday) to find out more.

What did we do with this unexpected opportunity?  Craig worked on the boat….thinks he found and patched the small leak that’s been giving him grief.  I cleaned the bathrooms!  I was gimpy but it’s amazing what one can accomplish hobbling short distances. 

So….what can I expound on today?  Hmmm….more musings?   Yes!  Things I love about France…..

1) Seeing people go by with their baguettes….a young girl proudly carrying her mother’s baguette, a teenage boy stopping at the boulangerie for his baguette before heading home for lunch, a young couple on bicycles with their baguette safely ensconced in a basket, a middle-aged women carrying two baguettes and a bag of groceries home for the family’s dinner, an older couple walking slowly arm-in-arm with their baguette in his free arm.  The baguette….it’s a way of life, a statement, a right.    

2) Round-abouts… left turns….just right turns.  If you miss your exit, go around again.  Heck, we’ve been known to go around and around until we finally find a signpost for a town we recognize.  Not only are round-abouts functional (and fun), most of them are beautifully landscaped.

3) Politeness….. hearing “bonjour” when you encounter someone and “au revoir” when you leave.  It’s pleasant, it’s civilized, it’s polite.

4) Small cars….no SUV’s here.  We saw a PT Cruiser one day….it dwarfed all the other cars on the road.  The cars are small but they’re functional….as evidenced by the brico (hardware) purchases we see being put into these small spaces.  I think the French get more in their autos than clowns do in circus cars.  Big doesn’t mean better….especially on streets that were made for carts and horses.

5) Dogs…..usually small, sometimes medium, rarely large….and always polite.  And, thus far, not a single Pit Bull in sight.

6) The countryside….the beautiful, bucolic, pastoral, charming countryside.

7) The wine….always good, never expensive….at least here in Languedoc.

8 ) The food….no need for elaboration here….it’s simply delicious.

C’est la belle vie…’s the good life!


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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One Response to Friday, September 10th

  1. Mani says:

    C’est la belle vie…’s the good life! I concur.
    It sounds so wonderful. I share your thoughts with my wife and we are envious to say the least.
    I retire next year. My wife is taking early retirement.
    My wife and I are going to India to take care of my mum for 5 months. I intend to visit my ashram and do some preliminary work for a spiritual as well as a rewarding life, after I see my two children (Son 29, Daughter 23) get married. A side note, they were both born on the same day 6 years apart.
    God Speed.

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