Wednesday, September 1st

I could finally put on a left shoe today!  I went to therapy today without the Darth boot!  Angelique was delighted to see this and hoped I’d be able to walk with one cannes today…. but that didn’t come to pass.  Maybe tomorrow.

After therapy, we parked along the canal and watched the boats go by while eating croissants picked up at a roadside epicerie.  We continued our drive along the canal until lunchtime when we found ourselves in Homps, a small town on the canal with a marina and three good restaurants.  As soon as we saw “maison de foie gras” (house-made foie gras) listed on the menu of Les Tonneliers, we knew we had found our destination. 

We were seated outside under a large Sycamore tree….providing shade for me and sun for Craig.  Our “menus” included four courses today….appetizer, entrée, cheese course and dessert.  We definitely won’t need dinner tonight!

We started with a glass of Muscat and foie gras… smooth, creamy and mild it was like eating butter.  I know animal-rights activists are vehemently opposed to this delicacy but, from what we’ve seen, these animals are treated humanely.   One of the secrets to ensuring tasty food here is to have happy animals.

My char-grilled salmon with a creamy chive sauce was delicious, but Craig was the definitely the winner with a petite rack of lamb infused with herbs de Provence….cooked medium rare with the herbs forming a light crust over the meaty ribs. 

For dessert….Ile Flottant (a meringue island floating on vanilla cream sauce) and Chocolat Mousse.  Both desserts were fabulous.  The flavor of the chocolate was strong without being overpowering….it’s airy texture was perfect.  The Ile Flottant was cool and refreshing….not overly sweet or cloying like meringues in the US.

An espresso and back home for a nap.  

Une journée parfaite ….a perfect day.


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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