Tuesday, August 17th

We didn’t sleep soundly last night.  Somehow, Felix opened the door to the upstairs “Hobbit” room, let out a blood-curding screech and came running downstairs with his feet barely brushing the floor.  We’re not sure if he found an unwelcome intruder up there or if the door slammed shut on him…..it was a frightening experience for all of us.  I’m advocating the door theory but Craig’s of the mind that there’s a critter up there, so he set a mouse trap this morning.   I hope he’s wrong.

We took a short drive to the Lidl, a small discount grocery store near Capestang, just to see what they carry.  We were surprised to see wine from California….at 2 euros a bottle!   When French wine is so abundant and reasonable, why ship cheap California wine over here? 

Felix lucked out again….we found something else for him that we’ve been looking for….a throw rug to place under his tower so his “landing” spot is softer (we’re concerned that his repeated jumps to the tile floor will cause arthritis or other problems down the road).  Felix doesn’t like change so he wasn’t too sure about this new object invading his space but, after a few sniffs and paw-feels, he decided it was safe and spent the next hour sitting on it while watching the outdoors through the open window.

Therapy tonight was with Angelique who asked me to tell her what we did this weekend….in French.  I gathered my thoughts and told her, in my very best pigeon French, that we went to the Pottery Market in Salleles on Saturday but I didn’t buy anything and on Sunday, we Skyped with our son, his wife, four friends and our grandbaby…. “Nous allés a Marché de Poterie a Salleles d’Aude a samedi, mais je ne acheté rien.  A dimanche, nous “Skyped” avec nous fils, la femme, quatre amis et nous grandbebe.”   Many, many errors, but she understood and gently corrected my mistakes.  All in all, thank God she speaks English.

The hated canes were awaiting my return down the ramp.  Hopping the length of the ramp, although exhausting, is do-able.  What remained elusive on my entrance was the hop over the threshold, but Angelique paid no heed to my protestation.  With Angelique and Craig at my sides….each on opposite sides of the door….I was able to hop over the Mount Everest threshold.  Did I feel a great sense of accomplishment in overcoming this impossible feat?  Hell, no….I was terrified. 

After therapy, we’ve become accustomed to sitting on the patio, winding down with an aperitif or a glass of wine as we watch the boats, bikes and walkers go by.  Tonight, Felix was watching us from the window…..on the comfort of his new rug.

And so it goes….


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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One Response to Tuesday, August 17th

  1. Mani Subramaniam says:

    Cheap California Wine. We get them in Canada too. This is the price you pay for doing business with America. Americans complains about cheap goods from other parts of the world and cry ‘Wolf’ and they do the same thing. They also help with one hand and then pull the rug under you with the other hand. A good example is the Sugar industry in the West Indies. America helped them with producing sugar from the sugar cane, which grows abundantly, and the artificial sugar friendly scientists came up with all sorts of data to scare everyone away from sugar and this almost killed or undercut the West Indian sugar industry. Luckily they manufacture rum and I don’t think America has a good rum industry.
    I am not against Americans. My nieces and nephews are Americans, some of my friends are Americans. I am against American politics and their meddling in other countries affairs. Most of all the hypocrisy of their foreign policy. Cuba is bad, China is good. Iraq and Iran are bad, the Saudis and the Emirates are good and they turn a blind eye towards Darfur and the massacres and ethnic cleansing and the dictatorial Burmese leaders. Countries like France, Canada and Germany were against the invasion of Iraq and wouldn’t blindly support the lies coming from US and Britain. Other countries like Japan, Australia and others sent one or two soldier/observer a token support. All countries which supported this illegal invasion gets better treatment. The French Fires were called Freedom Fries? How silly can one get?
    Americans have to start thinking independently. Turn off CNN and Fox news. Do your own research. You don’t have to fall for the ‘With US or Against Us’ rhetorics.Don’t ever think that America is giving away money as good will to other countries. It comes with lots of strings attached and some money comes with shackles.
    I hope I haven’t offended anyone. If I have I am sorry.

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