Sunday, August 8th

It’s holding true that the busier we are on one day, the less we do the following day…….today was no exception. 

After lazing about all morning, we decided to have a light lunch on the patio.   After a lovely cool-down, the temperatures have risen….in the 90’s today.  Craig opened up the patio umbrella and brought out the wheelchair.  Safely ensconced in the shade with my foot resting on a chair, I was as close “normal” as I could be.

We enjoyed a light lunch and sipped the icy coolness of a few white wine spritzers….watching boats cruising the canal and wishing “Bon Jour” to the bicyclists and walkers going by.  Listening to their accents, we find the canal attracts visitors from far and wide…today, we heard voices from England, Germany and Australia.  The French, of course, are always present and are quick to add “Bon Appétit” when they see that we’re eating lunch.

As the sun slipped down, the orange-flowered vine growing along the cottage helped to provide the shade that allowed us to stay outside a little longer.  When the boat traffic slowed and the heat rose, it was time to adjourn indoors…. Craig to the telly and me to a blissful nap while we waited for morning to come in California so we could rendezvous with friends on a video call.   These calls with our dear friends mean the world to us….they’re our ‘touchstone’ to the life we’ve temporarily abandoned.  How lucky we are that we are able to stay in close contact with friends and family…. how hard it must have been for past generations to leave everyone they loved and everything that was familiar and journey on to new lives in distant lands.  How very brave our ancestors were.

About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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2 Responses to Sunday, August 8th

  1. Mr. Freelance says:

    This sounds like bliss!

  2. Sharmyn says:

    So true about our ancestors….I remember having a similar thought when reading up on my ancesters who travelled to the America’s from the Netherlands. They did so on the hopes of finding work that would support their growing family. Such courage!

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