Saturday, August 7th

Our little visitor was back on the window grate this morning.  Felix was starting to show some curiosity toward him when a flurry of activity outside took all his attention.  A group of horses and riders was trotting by the cottage….one after another….1, 2, 3 …..10, 11, 12….there seemed to be no end to these large apparitions that made such noise.  But Felix held steady….no hiding under the bed this time.  Perhaps he’s finally getting used to the newness and strangeness of this place.

Our plans for the day included a stop at La Poste to pick up the transient cat fountain.  Craig, very pleased with his speaking ability, asked, “package pour moi de Chronopost?”  “Oui” was the response and, after all our trials and tribulations , out came our prize but it would have to wait, we had something else to do today.

Angelique recommended a restaurant in Gruissan, so we decided to try it out.  Gruissan is a fishing and holiday town near the Mediterranean in an area known as “La Clape” (derived from an Occitan word meaning “pile of stones”).  The rational behind the name becomes apparent as you drive through the area and see the limestone hills and the butte that gives the area it’s name…Le Massif de la Clape.  It’s a scenic drive through hills, pines and vineyards.  We arrive in Gruissan and find our way to the port area which winds around multiple marinas…..sailboats and cruisers everywhere surrounded by the sturdy towers of vacation condos.  The boardwalk area surrounding the harbor fronts multiple souvenir shops, bars, ice cream parlors and restaurants.  We found our destination, Le Lagon, and were quickly seated at a table for two.  We  started with Mojitos and an appetizer… a scallop fondue.  It was absolutely delicious….the highlight of the meal….skewered scallops swimming in a sea of leek sauce, a slightly sweet baked potato stuffed with sour cream, a savory tomato ratatouille, all topped with the mussels (moules) that are their specialty.  We each had a salad for our second course….my Calamari salad, as good as it was, paled in comparison to Craig’s seafood salad….mussels, langoustines, shrimp.  We were overreaching when we ordered a main course of pasta with salmon.  It was delicious, but unfinishable.  As wonderful as our meal was, after having teaser tastes of their specialty, when we return, we’ll do as the locals do and order the big pots of moules that were constantly being delivered from the kitchen.

After strolling the area, we drove home on the road less travelled and found new towns for future exploration. 

Felix has a cardboard fetish…..he’d be happy if the world consisted of boxes… he was wide-eyed with excitement when we entered the cottage with a carton in hand.  With Felix’s full attention on the box, Craig was able to set-up the fountain next to Felix’s dinner dish.  When Felix tired of playing in, on and around the box, he wandered into the kitchen for dinner.  He seemed unconcerned by the addition of this new contraption (please, dear Lord, let him like it….we can’t possibly take a pedestal sink to Chateau Miaou).  After finishing a few bites of kibble, he took a step toward the fountain (Craig and I held our breaths)….he sniffed it….he touched it….and then…. HE DRANK FROM IT!   Whew!  Time for a silent dance of joy.      

Still satiated, dinner was unnecessary….cheese and grapes will do tonight. 

Bonne nuit.


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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