Friday, August 6th

Our little visitor was back on the window grate this morning.  It’s comforting to see him there but I wonder what his thoughts are?  Does he think he’s too good for mere vines?  Or is he an outcast who’s been run off by his clan?  Perhaps he gets queasy on the vines swaying in the breeze and prefers the stability of the grate?  Will we ever know?

The phone rang.  It was Madeline, a friend of Caryl’s who’s helping us order a supply of wood for the winter.  The fireplace insert will provide our only source of heat so it’s critical that we attend to this task soon.  According to Madeline, we’ll need 4 “stères” (a little over a cord).  Mssr Garcia was delivering her supply this morning, so Craig drove over to finalize our order.  Mission accomplished….our wood will be delivered next week. 

After a light breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt, we made our plans for the day….lunch in Colombiers, shopping at the Casino Supermarché with a final stop at the Tourist Information boutique in Capestang to pick up some Vermentino wine (yes, at the TI….they provide information, brochures and local products at great prices).  That should leave time for a short rest before tonight’s therapy with Angelique.

We arrived in Colombiers shortly after noon and chose to dine on the waterfront at Pom’Cannelle.  The salads coming out of the kitchen looked delectable, so that’s what we decided to have….Craig ordered the Gourmande (salade, tomates, pomme, gésiers, lardons, œuf poché, vinaigre balsamique…lettuce, tomatoes, apple,  gizzards, bacon, poached egg & balsamic vinegar) and I ordered the Niçoise  (salade, tomates, thon, pomme de terre, haricots verts, œuf dur, anchois, olives….lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, potato, green beans, hard-boiled egg, anchovies & olives) along with a demi-pichet of rosé to wash them down.

Mssr Lesieur, the proprietor of Rive de France, said hello and let us know that our boat is being worked on….we should be able to bring her home soon. 

After lunch, it was on to the Casino.  France has a unique way of handling shopping carts.  They’re in a corral in the parking lot, one chained to another.  To release a cart, you put a euro in a coin slot.  Your euro is returned when you return your cart to the corral and reattach it to one of the other carts..  Voila….no shopping carts flying through parking lots dinging cars.

We decided to save the TI for another day and headed home for a brief rest before another bum-scoot down the stairs for therapy (I have a sneaking suspicion that Craig is moving the couch further from the door….he seems to be vacuuming less and I’ve been “bum scooting” more).

Therapy ended early so when we came home, Craig wheeled me to the patio and we sat outside watching the boats go by and enjoying the early evening coolness.  Felix looked forlorn in the cottage; he quite willingly allowed Craig to put on his leash so he could safely join us outside.  He was enjoying his outdoor time until some bicyclists went by….the noise and the nearness was more than he could bear.  With fear in his eyes, he tried to jump straight up and through the window screen.   Craig lost his hold on the leash; Felix ran up the stairs and scratched at the door (remember, dear readers, Felix does have many dog-like traits).  With Felix safely inside, Craig and I enjoyed a glass of wine before heading indoors for a light supper.

À la prochaine….

About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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