Monday, August 2nd

A lazy morning….at least for me….I was exhausted after all the activities of yesterday…..and, of course, I must rest up for my rendezvous tonight with Sébastian. 

Craig was more productive with his morning.  He cut down a tree along the tow path.  It didn’t survive the winter and he was concerned it was tinder for a careless boater.  We’re seeing more and more careless boaters as the summer progresses….lots of rental boats with inexperienced captains makes for some tense moments as we watch them go by.

Our afternoon was taken up by a problem caused by Felix.  Now that he’s progressed from toilet bowl drinking to pedestal sink drinking, we’d like to wean him to a water bowl.  So we went on-line and ordered a cat drinking fountain from Zoo Plus (yes, that’s right….a cat drinking fountain…. it filters and recirculates water and has a somewhat sink-like countenance).  Zoo Plus uses a UPS-type delivery service called Chronopost.  On Thursday, we were advised that Chronopost couldn’t deliver the package because our address isn’t valid.  We provided additional details to be forwarded to Chronopost (i.e., drive on the road along the Canal du Jonction, do not follow the road when it curves to the left….continue straight on the gravel road along the canal….our house is on the gravel road at the junction of the Canal du Midi and Canal du Jonction).  All to no avail because today we received a letter from Chronopost advising that the package will be returned to the sender if we are unable to provide additional information.   Since our French verbage didn’t work well, we scanned a map showing the location of both the gravel road and the cottage and sent it to Zoo Plus for forwarding to Chronopost.   We’ve had more difficulty getting a water dish than we’ve had navigating the French medical system….but, perhaps, that is as it should be.  

Dinner was simple….salad and ravioli with a Provencal sauce (tomatoes, garlic, parsley, shallots, dry white wine).  But dessert….oh, dessert was luscious.  We stopped at the patisserie in town and procured heaven on earth…a Tarte Choco-Poire (Chocolate Pear Tart)….with a crust as light as meringue, a creamy, slightly sweet chocolate-kissed filling and a topping of dark chocolate and poached pears….indescribably delicious!

À Bientôt ….see you soon


About Languedoc Lady

I'm a newly retired woman from California getting ready to spend a year (or more) with my husband living the good life in Languedoc in the southwest of France.
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